If we can't weld it,
throw it away!
  • welding services in Appleton, WI
  • metal fabrication in Appleton, WI
  • certified welders in Appleton, WI

We specialize in welding and metal fabrication and provide services throughout the United States.

All of our welders are structurally certified.

Here at Hietpas Welding we handle several metals and provide services to meet your every need.

About Us

welders in Appleton, WI

Hietpas Welding Inc. has been serving the Fox Valley Community since January of 1983.

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portable welding in Appleton, WI

We offer welding, machining services, complete fabrication services, blacksmithing and more.

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metal machining services in Appleton, WI

We are proud of the quality that goes into every job we do. Check out our portfolio.

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